Our logo is inspired by the beauty of Lake Lauzon in
southern Ontario, Canada.
Our partnership gives us the means to achieve far
greater goals than we could as individuals.


Our mission is to combine innovative thinking, design creativity, and real-world business experience to achieve quality branding and premium results.


Adam Roessler

Principal + Technical

Adam is the technical and business guru of Lauzon. Adam has years of real-world experience managing large IT projects, IT consulting, business consulting, web design, web marketing, SEO/SEM, and analytics for small and large companies. His formal education background reflects IT, business, and networking. Outside of work, Adam enjoys spending time with his family and hitting the golf course whenever he can.


Will Hague

Principal + Creative

Will is the creative eye and ear of Lauzon Group. He has been working as a media-based producer for over a decade. He has a natural-born knack for graphic design and music composition. He has studied International Media at Ohio University, as well as Audio Production at The Recording Workshop. Outside of work, Will composes music professionally. He is also an avid hockey fanatic, loyal husband and father to two adorable pug mixes.


Jen Roessler

Principal + Creative

Jen is the social media expert and project authority of Lauzon Group. Jen’s formal education background reflects English literature and education. She has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies in roles ranging from writing to recruiting. Outside of work Jen is a devoted wife and dog mom. She is also a fan of live music and theater, traveling, and random pop culture trivia.



Many companies in this industry will tell you what you want to hear in an attempt to gain your business. We’ll tell you what we believe is the proper path to provide an appropriate solution for your unique company and work with you to understand your market position and present the best course of action. Lauzon Group believes in listening to our clients from the first time we chat, throughout the project and beyond. Communication is a key and we’re specialists.


Every organization is only as great as the people who make it up. At Lauzon Group we treat our team like a family. Each member has their strengths and finds joy in certain areas of work. We promote a positive and healthy work environment by giving each team member the ability to experiment in every aspect of the business while continuing to excel at what they do best. We strive to keep the entrepreneurial spirit upon which we were founded alive in each of us. By maintaining a relatively small team and innovative business practices we can deliver large projects in a fraction of the time. We are flexible and adapt to each one of our clients needs to help best deliver a unique successful solution.


As an organization that offers a range of business services, there is one common thread that holds us together: design. We believe that design is not an immeasurable work of magic, but a learned process which we are constantly improving. All of our designs start first with function. At minimum, a design needs to fulfill its purpose with efficiency and ease. Once that criteria is met we look at how the user relates to the design and make their experience as compelling and enjoyable as possible. Ultimately if a design achieves its function in such a way it is a great design.

Design with class.

The intersection of form & function.