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The question we are asked far more than any other question seems like a relatively simple one: How do I get my business to the top of Google/Bing? Understandably so, as this is a very smart question to ask. After all, 95% percent of people don’t even make it past the first page. Because of this, the game becomes a race to the top. However, the race to the top involves much more than tricking search engines into thinking you’re valuable to its users. In the end, it is about actually being valuable to the online community and using all possible outlets to convince your potential customers that you are the company they should trust.


Lauzon Group is a full service web design, web presence and marketing agency based out of Columbus, Ohio.
We offer a full range of business services including branding, web design, internet marketing, SEO, and enterprise solutions.
Our designers can take your ideas and turn them into unique and memorable brands. We even have experts in film and audio production.
Our team has years of experience running internet marketing campaigns and developing websites that convert into return customers.
All of our clients are treated as partners because our business is their business. We work hand in hand through out the design process.
We provide powerful analytics and search engine optimization reports to keep you updated on the progress of your marketing campaigns.
Our enterprise level solutions include E-Commerce, Reputation Management and Customer Relationship Management
The demand for mobile and tablet applications is on the rise and we are here to help. Our developers have experience with mobile web and app development.
We offer free marketing analysis. Contact us today to receive a free report and estimate. We would love to help you bring your next project to life.